specialist Insurance

Directors and Officers
Those in a leadership role carry enormous responsibility – they are expected to make informed decisions and to carry out their fiduciary duties with due care and diligence. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities could result in litigation against them in their personal capacity. Protect the decision makers of your organisation from this risk with Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

Environmental Impairment

Environmental Legislation is tightening up significantly in ensuring our environment is kept clean and healthy. Due to this, it is becoming more important now than ever to ensure we all understand the consequences of transporting and storing hazardous goods. Are you correctly covered in the event of a spillage into the environment?

Professional Indemnity
Whether you are an accountant, plumber or engineer, professional indemnity insurance is an important type of cover for a business. Particularly to those in professions which provide advice for a living. It provides protection to ensure the financial well-being, safety and even survival of the insured business due to the impact of negligence and damages claims brought by third parties. Safeguard your business by contacting us to get this important cover.

Kidnap and Ransom
More and more companies and individuals are considering a kidnap and ransom insurance solution.
We can assist you in finding comprehensive cover to provide you with peace of mind should this situation occur.

Public Liability
It is important for business owners to consider comprehensive public liability insurance programmes to ensure your business is protected against a law suit.