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Personal Insurance

Buildings Insurance
We can insure your building for its replacement value against all the perils, fire, storm, wind, water, flood, hail, snow and lightning.

Household Contents

Insuring your home contents for its replacement value against fire and the perils. Get full cover for contents inside the house and limited cover for contents outside your home. Consulting with your specialist broker advisor to ensure the right extensions are selected for your complete protection.

All Risks
Personal items that are taken out of the home can be insured on an all-risk’s basis. Get cover for loss, theft or damage to items you normally carry with you outside your home.

Personal Legal Liability
Securing Comprehensive cover for Personal Liability Protection. Liability Insurance protection against lawsuits example in the event that an accident takes place on your property and you are found responsible for third-party injuries or damage.

Motor Insurance
You can get comprehensive, limited third party, fire and theft or third party only cover for your vehicle. Cover can be extended to include the Roadside assistance benefits. Our consultants will also ensure that all details of your vehicle are comprehensively insured. For instance, ensuring that your extras are all noted for the vehicle and that you have taken up the correct extensions of cover for your full protection.

Other covers to consider under the Motor Section are:
We can insure your:
Trailer – Comprehensive or Third Party cover can be taken out for your trailer. One of the reasons why trailer insurance is important to consider is that it extends the length of your car and makes moving around in the traffic more complicated. This increases your risk on the road. You can take up Comprehensive cover which means that you would be covered when your trailer is damaged or stolen. Cover extends to third- party damage which means that when your trailer accidentally damages another person or their property you are also covered.
Caravan – we can insure your caravan and caravan content against accidental damage, loss and theft.
Motorcycle – you can insure your motorcycle for comprehensive cover or third party. We can also make sure that your motorcycle accessories are specified to ensure you are covered in the event of a loss.

Watercraft Insurance
We can insure your watercraft for theft, loss or damages. We are there for you even on the water! Whether it be a jet ski, an inflatable or a yacht in the Seychelles we can insure it. We leave nothing to change and also make sure that cover extends to legal liability.

Cycle Insurance
An “All Risk” Policy that will provide you with cover whilst you are participating in a race, training or travelling abroad. We will ensure that your equipment is kept covered no matter where you are racing.

Jewellery Insurance
Insurance for jewellery that you wear every day. In the event of the unforeseen, you can rest assured that items such as your wedding ring or that stunning tanzanite bracelet you love to wear will be protected.

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