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Specialist Financial Solutions to suit your needs

Specialist Financial Solutions to suit your needs

We value people first, processes second, and build our business around lasting relationships, mutual confidence and trust.
Operating for over 25 years, we at Halcyon desire to meet the financial planning needs of our clients with unprecedented excellence.


More than 2000 businesses trust in us.

More than 2000 businesses trust in us.

Operations are kept on the cutting edge, through the efficient
networking of individually managed cost centres, each with its own base
of specialised expertise. The interaction and cross-reference that occurs
between these units has leveraged internal economies of scale and
the distinct client value-add of a complete financial services offering
under the same umbrella. This allows for the effective management and
monitoring of the client’s full spectrum of financial affairs.


We understand your needs

We understand your needs

The Halcyon Group is dedicated to providing you with the best options.
At Halcyon we understand that the heart’s desires are more powerful for achieving
significant things in life than the head.
But the astuteness of the mind is the key to developing long term success.
We value both these elements: the bravery, truth and integrity of the heart, and the clarity,
vision and strategy of the mind.

We understand your needs

The Halcyon Group is dedicated to providing you with the best options.


Working together to create a solution that brings you value.

People First

We aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients


We believe in providing you with an ethical and professional approach.

Cover from South Africa's Top Insurers

Experienced and respected advisors

Our Services

Tailor-made solutions to suit your needs


Personal Insurance


Commercial Insurance

Funeral Cover + Services


Direct/Group Schemes

Banking / Forex

Wealth + Investments

Look after your Future. Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Employee Benefits and Investments are just some of what our Invest division has to offer.

Short Term Experts

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor a product based on the individual needs of our client. Your risk is meticulously examined and optimized. Tailor made solutions are then devised to isolate you from the consequences of loss, damage and liability.

Our highly experienced team strive to deliver unquestionable superior customer service.

Household Contents (at and/or away from home) | Home/Dwelling | Personal Liability
Motor Vehicles (including Roadside Assistance)
Watercraft | Personal Accident | Travel

Medical Aid + Gap Cover

Looking after your Health. Medical Aid, Hospital Cover, Group Scheme Policies

Business + Specialist Insurance

Business Insurance is all about partnership and at Halcyon we consider our business clients to be our partners in business. We are mandated by our business clients to look after their short term risk exposure and we take this responsibility seriously. Short term risk management for companies is a hands-on affair and that’s why South Africa’s leading insurance companies do not offer direct insurance to businesses. Our role as a broker is to be close to our business clients, to understand their specific risk exposure and most importantly, to stay in touch with the changes in their risk so that they can take care of their core business.

Funeral Cover & Services

Halcyon Direct Sales provide an extensive range of funeral cover and services to SME businesses, employer groups and individuals. We own and manage a number of funeral parlours within the Eastern Cape. We consistently deliver efficient and exceptional service to ensure you the peace of mind that you and your family will not have to deal with financial worry and stress while grieving.

Property intelligence with heart

Unlocking the potential of a property requires a combination of experience, expertise and vision.
Our team understand that property is a vital part of a client’s financial journey and combine both passion for property together with the understanding that property is an important asset.

Services Offered:
~Property Valuation,
~Residential & Commercial Property
~New Developments
~ Investment sales & acquisitions
~Manage and Develop Real estate to ensure maximum returns

Skilled & Highly Efficient

Whether you are a company, parastatal organisation or, a professional association we can work with you to provide the most affordable, comprehensive solution for your group.
We are able to secure superior cover and preferential rates for you and your employees

Salary Protection | Pension Funds | Funeral Plans | Wills | Life Insurance

Banking and Foreign Exchange

To our corporate clients who manage large amounts of money, or our individual clients who need a cash management strategy as a part of their investment plan, Halcyon Financial Solutions offers a comprehensive corporate banking service.
We also provide a Forex service which allows for the easy transfer of funds to and from other countries. For exporters we can arrange for foreign funds to be held in a holding account, which provides a natural hedge against Rand volatility.

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